Guest Author Cyci Cade

10 Tips to improve productivity

CC Do you believe you are a productive person? Do you think you can be more productive in your work and personal life?
Productivity is the rate at which goods are produced or work is completed. Sometimes it seems a hard task due to interruptions and unforeseen extra work. Are you satisfied with your productivity at the end of the day or do you have the feeling that you should have done more? Do you work extra hours to accomplish your tasks?
Here are ten tips that will help you improve your productivity and have more time to enjoy your life.
1- Have a balanced life
You need time to work, sleep, eat, be with your family, do exercise, and relax. If it doesn´t happen, you have an unbalanced life and sooner or later you´ll notice the effects. Stress is a common problem that affects a great part of the population.
2- Have your meals (eat every 3 or 4 hours)
Glucose is one of the final products of digestion and the fuel of the brain. Without energy, the brain will work inefficiently. It´ll be more difficult to execute even the easiest tasks. The brain is the organ that needs more energy.
3- Keep a schedule
Some people believe that they will be more productive if they work extra hours. It is a myth.
Are you a multitask person? Well, multitasking makes you less productive because when you are focused on many things you don´t accomplish them perfectly. Keep your focus on what you are good and delegate the other tasks.
4- Create a to do list
Think of what you have to do and create a list, then, observe what are less important and eliminate these items from your list. Start to work on the most important item. Remember, in the morning, our ability to recall exact details, like names, places, dates… is bigger, it´s working the declarative memory. In the afternoon, predominates the semantic memory and we have more ability for tasks like to integrate new information with what we already know.
5- Relax
Anxiety drives you to imperfection. Don´t become an obsessive person. Keeping an organized agenda will help you to accomplish your work on time without stress.
6- Keep your desk organized and clean
It will help you think clearly, find things easily, and relax. Messy spaces give the impression that there are a lot to do and it isn´t necessarily true.
7- Limit the access to yourself
How many people have access to you? Do you use to talk with all of them? Do you answer all the calls? These interruptions slow you down. Every time you stop your work, you waste many minutes to restart it.
8- Take an hour or two to answer messages and make calls
Have a schedule to make calls and answer e-mails or messages that come from social media. Save an hour or two to do it, so you won´t be interrupted every time.
9- Avoid distractions
Unless you depend on social media and messengers to do your work, keep them turned off while you are executing a project. The brain takes twenty-five minutes to restart a work.
10- Sleep well

Don´t try to convince your body that you can sleep just a few hours and keep a rushed rhythm because it is a myth that will make you less productive. The amount of sleep needed can vary but it is around seven to ten hours per night. A tired brain is a slow brain.

DQKINDLEIf you think that you can improve your productivity, try to follow these tips. Make the changes and adaptations you think that will be necessary to adjust your lifestyle. Soon you will see the results.

Cyci Cade is writer, blogger, and designer. She is the author of Dragon´s Quest as well short stories as Son of Egypt, Perhaps Love, and The Princes. Find out more at

Read the interview with Cyci Cade here.

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