Current Projects

With the first draft of Masterplayer: Shakespeare and Elizabeth now complete I can return the Dark Mistress. Masterplayer has taken me 3 years to complete, most of which was solid research. When I was first asked to write it I thought it would be challenging. I was right. You see, Shakespeare was never my thing. All that to be or not be, that was for luvvies. This was a misconception, or so I would later discover. What amazed me was how the luvvies have ruined Shakespeare.

During my journey through the middle ages, I found articles on how the people of London spoke, and how the language was changing around them. Shakespeare, it turns out needs a blend of outskirts Brummie smashed in the face with a bit of London and a touch of a yokel. Once you have this down Shakespeare shines, the wit is immense and the humour a lavatorial as only the English can do.

So it’s back to the fantasy, and part three of The One Saga: Dark Mistress. Now this gives me a local dilemma. In our local writer’s group: The Horsham Writers Circle I have been giving in chapters of teh Shakespeare book for regular review. With it now done am I to return to teh Dark Mistress and submit that, or do something new for them? I chose the latter, or else I would have to explain my way through 200,000+ words of pre-existing story everytime I handed in a chapter (no thanks). So I have a new work in progress.

Mark is my utterly new work. This one is set in the current day with a veneer of Victorian Steampunk and science fiction all stirred up with my own warped sense of humour.

Here’s the opening gambit.

Photons emit light, for however brief a moment is, that is all it took for him to vanish, not that he meant to.

Let know your thoughts.

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