Shakespeare becomes embroiled in coup for crown.

Masterplayer: Shakespeare gets caught in a coup for the Tudor crown.

England is at war. Spain threatens the crown. Assassins stalk the streets of London looking for an opportunity to kill Queen Elizabeth.

Set in the late years of Elizabeth’s reign the story follows the rise of Shakespeare as he becomes the darling of the city. Everyone wants him, the peasants, the rich and the nobility. Caught in a nest of spies Shakespeare must choose his destiny: will he side with the Earl of Essex and help rally the masses and join the coup, or will he risk his life to save the Queen?

It has taken me three years to complete this novel to the first draft including a lot of research and travel to visit the famous locations used in the story. Based on historical events with just enough embroidery to complete the rich tapestry of medieval England and its own game of thrones.

What I need now are some beta readers to see how the story feels and give me some feedback before I commence the edit. If you would be interested in trying a sample, use the link below. To read the complete work get in touch via the contact form.