Week 4

Week 4:

Begin a story with two paragraphs.

For the first paragraph use only monosyllables. For the second, bring in words of two syllables or more. 150 words maximum. Once you have written your piece, post it below, noting your experience. Was it challenging to write? Was it fun? Comment on the pieces from at least two of your peers.

I walk, and I think. I think of my walk. I count my steps. I need no tool. I can do it as I run too. My shoes were made for this. I got them from the shop ‘Run with me’. They give me much joy as I pound the ground and cross the turf. Stones! What are they but mere specs of dirt! I and my shoes are one. The earth too is one with me each time I step on it.

But all this comes to an eventual end. When my breath is too short to carry on, and my chest heaves from the very act. I know then it is time to amble along. To seek out comfort and rub the burn from my calves. I feed them with salve. Now for the best part as I fold like melting chocolate into my chair.

I found this fun. It sounded simple but when I could not use ‘think about’ in the first paragraph I was struck but how much deeper I had to think about the content of each word. I became reluctant to use long words in the second paragraph as I found they automatically reduced the pace, which helped to bring the runner to the chair.