Week 7

Write a two-line scene, in which the respondent takes the opening statement or question in a new direction.

‘Press the red button. Quickly, before the transmogrification reaches critical mass!’

‘Do it yourself, it’s just a bloody toaster. I quite like it burnt.’

Write a scene in which a new character is introduced. Use dialogue, and be sure the character is portrayed in some form of a relationship. 300-500 words.

Taken from: Mark a sci-fi work in progress.

No touchin” A surly girl barked from behind the stall as Mark hovered a hand over the selection of tat on offer. ‘Don’t want any of that shit sandwich getting on the goods. She scratched at her exposed cleavage. Mark looked at her, his brow slightly furrowed. ‘You fancy some of this?’ She said, squeezing her breasts together.

‘No, thanks.’ Mark licked the remnants of the burger from his fingers before taking a small bottle of cleanser from his pocket.

‘That looks good. Can I try some?’ The girl held out her hand.

‘S’pose,’ Mark squirted some of the sparkly white gel into her palm.

‘Cor, that smells lovely. What is it?’ A happy smile broke across her face as she rubbed the gel on her cheeks.

‘Unicorn cum.’ Mark watched the smile fade from the girl’s face. ‘Only joking. Unicorns aren’t real. The cum is tho’.’

‘Got it on me face now!’ 

‘First time?’ Mark failed to suppress his mirth.

‘Fuck off! I mean, no. Yes. No. Just fuck off!’ They were both laughing now. ‘You interested in that?’ She pointed at a small box with wires poking out of one side and a dirty lens on the other.

Mark held out a wavering hand, ‘Undecided. Any chance I can open it?’ He picked up the box. Turning it over he rubbed some of the rust off the bottom, exposing a name, RoKor Inc.

‘Not got the tools. You can have it for five credits.’ The girl reached behind her head and loosened her hair, letting it fall around her shoulders in greasy clumps.

‘Not sure what it is yet.’ Something rattled inside the box as Mark tugged at the wires. ‘Tell you what.’ He looked the girl in the eyes. ‘I’ll give you three and the rest of the unicorn cum.’ He let a smile play upon his lips.

‘Deal,’ she held out a hand. ‘I’m Becks. Can get you most anything for a few credits. Or unicorn cum.’ She held her hand to her face breathing in the unicorns.