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Synopsis: Materplayer. 
Set in the heart of medieval history in the wake of the Spanish Armada, when England was in its glory years, Masterplayer is the story of Shakespeare the spy. 
Essex, the Queen’s cousin and darling of the people, believes he should be the next King of England, the only thing he lacks is the signature of Queen Elizabeth. Britain is at war with both the Spanish and the Irish who are both being aided by the Papacy. Essex attempts to gain the help of both enemies by proposing a Catholic King. Having secured the backing of the Irish and Spanish, he sets out his plans for a coup. All he needs is a stage to set it on. 
Shakespeare is in London about to open the Globe theatre, only to find his services in demand from the wrong people. Essex blackmails Shakespeare into re-writing Richard II as a call to arms. The night before the coup, the play is performed in theatres all over London to rally the commoners to his cause and seize the crown for his own. | | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple